Progress Reports

Progress reports were sent home today.  Please double check on the Parent Portal as well, as I've added a few more grades since Wednesday (the day Progress Reports were generated.)  Have a great weekend!

This Week in Our Classroom...

I hope you had a great weekend!  Below you will find a brief overview of what to expect this week in our classroom.  
Reading:  Students will continue to study characterization.  They have been analyzing clues the author leaves in the story (thoughts, feelings, actions, dialogue, and what others say) to describe the characters and determine how/if they change by the end of the story.  They will continue to practice this throughout the week.  Towards the middle of the week, students will explore character motivation, as well as reasons for the character's change.  
Writing:  This week we'll begin a Realistic Fiction unit.  Throughout the unit students will write and publish their own realistic fiction story.  They will practice using deliberate dialogue, writing with descriptive language, and creating believable characters.  This week, students will brainstorm ideas and begin to plot the events on a plot mountain.  We will be returning to the essay writing that we've been wor…

This Week in Our Classroom...

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday weekend.   Below is a brief overview of what we'll be up to this week in the classroom.

Reading:  Students will continue to study characterization clues and make inferences about a character based on these clues.  Specifically, students will identify a character's actions, dialogue, thoughts, and feelings to make inferences about the character's personality traits.  They will also learn that characters often experience a change or learn a lesson within the plot of a story.  Students will continue to study the characters in Every Living Thing, as well as other short leveled texts.

Writing: Students will compose an opinion piece and support their opinions with evidence from the text this week.  Then, students will publish and post this piece.

Science:  Our class will explore electromagnets and electromagnetism in class this week as we wrap up our final section of the electricity unit.

Math:  Unit 3 will ki…

Social Emotional Learning

This week students will focus on putting empathy into action.  They will practice paying attention and listening to others in order to show empathy and compassion.  Students will act out different scenarios and practice showing compassion in each scenario.   If you see your child showing compassion at home, please reinforce with specific feedback!

For example, "I saw you notice that your sister needed help carrying her backpack.  You showed compassion by offering to carry it together."

A Sneak Peek Into This Week... and Next!

Thank you so much for coming to conferences today!  Please feel free to email any questions or concerns, I know those 10 minutes go by very quickly.  Below is a brief overview of what you can expect for the remainder of the week and next week!

Reading:  Students will begin a new reading unit!  In our Character Unit, students will learn to analyze characterization clues and draw conclusions about how and why characters change throughout a story.  In the beginning of the unit, I will teach students to identify thoughts, words, actions, feelings, and other characters' opinions about a main character.  Then, students will use these clues to determine character traits.  The class will use a shared text, Every Living Thing, by Cynthia Rylant, as well as group guided reading texts throughout the unit.

Writing:  Students will continue to practice developing opinions using evidence and analysis.  Students will learn to use sentence stems to follow a standard format (topic sentence, text evi…

Social Emotional Learning

This week we've been working on a couple of important concepts:

1.  Students discussed a variety of strategies for solving a disagreement during "games" time in class. They decided using "Paper, Scissors, Rock" would be a great solution, or trying one partner's idea for the first few rounds and then trying the other partner's idea.

At home, if you notice your child solving a disagreement with fairness and logic, please reinforce the behavior with praise and acknowledgment!  (Ex.  Brother and sister are arguing about who should take the first turn and your child suggests "Paper, Scissors, Rock.")

2.  Mrs. Jacobson also came in our classroom and taught students the importance of having empathy, and accepting that others may think differently than each other.  We will continue to build and reinforce this concept.

At home if you notice your child accepting and appreciating others' differences, please reinforce the concept by saying, "I no…

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